Arbor Week Countdown: 1 ...

One day until Arbor Day (featuring Florida trees): This mess of growth is a MANGROVE, which can refer to an individual shrub/tree or to a forest of the plants. Mangrove is a tolerant species, able to thrive in both sea water and low-oxygen, brackish environments. Waves and the changing tides pose no problem, despite constantly subjecting the plants to varying levels of immersion and temperature.


Arbor Week Countdown: 2 ...

Two days until Arbor Day (featuring Florida trees): Behold the MEXICAN FAN PALM, among the tallest of palms. This specimen is about 70 feet tall, and one of the tallest I've seen around, but there are wax palms in Colombia that can reach 200 feet in height. Hundreds of thin roots radiate out from a bulblike base, many running horizontally just a few feet under the surface.


Arbor Week Countdown: 3 ...

Three days until Arbor Day (featuring Florida trees): This is a SOUTHERN LIVE OAK, found throughout Florida, along the Atlantic coast up to southern Virginia, and along the gulf coast as far as Texas. It has green leaves throughout the year, although they drop off in the spring as new ones emerge. Southern live oaks are often home to other plants, such as ball moss, Spanish moss, and mistletoe. This tree has a thriving population of resurrection ferns along its horizontal branches.


Arbor Week Countdown: 4 ...

Four days until Arbor Day (featuring Florida trees): Today's tree is the BANYAN, a tropical plant whose branches send down aerial roots that burrow into the ground to form additional trunks. A single banyan tree can end up covering more than an acre.


Chris Brown's 'Look At Me Now'

Which version is best:
1. Emmalyn & DJ Hunt

2. Karmin

3. SpongeBob


Under the Wallpaper

Before moving from New York, I stripped the wallpaper from my daughter's bedroom. As I did, a message from the previous owners started to appear. Can you guess what it might be? Here's the first of four photos I took:
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Atra Plus

ATRA is a razor brand made by Gillette. Can you think of another bathroom product that might have the same string of letters — in reverse order — printed on its packaging (the string is part of a longer word)?

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One to Twelve

1. How many letters are NOT repeated when you spell out the numbers 1 through 12? Make a guess before figuring it out.

2. Taking those unrepeated letters, can you come up with a 7-letter word that includes each of them once (with other letters added)?

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Cartoon Terms

From page 375 of 
What's What: A Visual Glossary of the Physical World
illustration by Michael Witte
© 1981 by Reginald Bragonier Jr. and David Fisher


Mares Eat Bolts

If you ever get a chance to see Deborah Butterfield's horse sculptures in person, I'd recommend you go. Here's one of her works on display at the Vero Beach art museum. I think is kinda brilliant, not only that she was able to make a pile of twisted metal look like a horse that's lying down, but that she also imparted it with so much life.


Special Offer!

For a limited time only, extra leg room for select United Airlines passengers.
"Up, up and away"

photo: screengrab from Audra D. Bridges Facebook video



Arbor Day is just around the corner; it's Friday, April 28th this year. And what better way to celebrate the day than curled up under your favorite tree with a copy of ZEP.

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Solve and (maybe) Win

I've got a new crossword up on the Devarai crossword puzzle app, and five lucky people — the two fastest solvers, plus three randomly chosen correct solvers — will win a copy of my book, Zep in the Curse of the Evil Dr. Sumac Who Lives Next Door.

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